We are a good Quality Factory of Thermal Paper,CARBONLESS PAPER,NCR PAPER and CARBONLESS PAPER ROLL from China,We manufacture kinds of Thermal Paper,NCR Paper,Carbonless Paper,Thermal Paper Rolls,Cash Register,POS Receipt,ATM/POS/Copy Paper with High Quality&Good Price!
Note,We are Thermal Paper Manufacturers,not Middlemen,By orderingThermal Paper,NCR Paper,Carbonless Paper,Thermal Paper Rolls directly from Our paper factory,
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Overseas market


Q: How quickly to ship my order?

A: Orders with quantity not more than two 20ft containers will be shipped within 15 days after receipt of

down payment.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: T/T:

T/T:50% in advance,the Balance before shipment on FOB basis;

T/T:70% in advance,the Balance against faxed B/L after shipment on CFR basis

Q: What is MQQ required?

A:  for printed rolls, we require MQQ 5000 rolls

For small POS rolls, we require MQQ 1000 rolls

For fax rolls with OEM wrapping, we require MQQ 5000 rolls
If you have further query,freely contact us at: sales@thermal-paper.net
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